Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010


Snow in north Texas is a rare event, but even more rare is 10 inches! It snowed all day long yesterday, dumping a record amount of snow here. This morning, the cloud cover is keeping the temperature at freezing, so the snow is sticking around. We enjoyed a walk around the neighborhood where we saw lots of snowmen, women, and children. Winston and Emmy love the white stuff!! This video shows a "home video" of the puppies playing in the white stuff.... which is a great memory for the HOT Texas summers.

I am grateful for a warm and safe home that welcomes us after our walk in the snow.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Books, books and books - and Storytelling

I have read the first part of Greg Mortenson's book Stones into Schools and love it because it tells the story of Afghanistan. My son, 1LT Hill, is stationed there now and says the book is great way to learn about the people and places of Afghanistan. I'm looking forward to finishing it soon.

So why in the world am I buying more books? I had to buy The Autobiography of an Execution by David R. Dow after hearing him on NPR. (He will be in town Thursday - I hope to get his autograph and meet him in person!) His inside experience with death row and the Texas Defenders Service will help me better understand this complicated social issue. One of my MSW students in North Carolina was actively involved in advocating against the death penalty (just behind Texas in most executions) and taught me about the human-side of executions and the problems in our criminal justice system.

I love good books because I meet people and visit places I would otherwise be unavailable to me. I also learn about how a good story is told and hope to one day tell a story worthy of a book. Kathy Hansen's blog A Storied Career has been a wonderful addition to my collection of tools regarding storytelling and narative.

What are your favorite books and how do they help you tell your story?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

365 Photo Challenge

I signed up for the 365 Photo Challenge today after hearing about it on Podcacher. I decided that I would take my/our camera with me every day and take a picture worthy of this challenge. (Here is the link to see my daily photos.) What a great day to start. We are in Albquerque at the Sandia Resort and this morning it snowed. The view was...... stunning. I wish the picture captured the view better, but I'm not Ansel so it is good enough. I had a great day with my parents visiting my brother David and his amazing family in Pojoaque, New Mexico. We drove up to Chimayo for a late lunch at Rancho de Chimayo and a visit to the famous Santuario do Chimayo.

Are you signed up to share your life's story via pictures like 365? If you are, will you share here? Please!