Friday, September 18, 2009

You Must Read This

Friday afternoons are the opposite of my Mondays. Mondays are non-stop, high energy, and a bit chaotic. Friday's are simply slower, require less energy, and peaceful. This means I have some time to catch up on social work blogs. I wish I could describe a heart wrenching reaction as I read Eyes Wider Open posted 9/17/09 "From One Mothers Arms". Those who care about children, foster care, adoption, and child protective services must read her honest and thoughtful recollection of her experience. She gives honor to all parties: the birth mother and father, the foster mother, and her own experience in the story. If I were a mom who had to give up my baby, I would want a CPS worker with compassion and empathy as described by Eyes Opened Wider.

Eyes Opened Wider is an example of how a blog is a tool for professional self-reflection that is a part of our self-care plan to protect against burnout or compassion fatigue while also telling the tough stories of CPS with respect and compassion.


SocialWrkr24/7 said...

Wow... Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

I love being able to read Eyes Wide Open as well...makes my own experiences and feelings as a Social Worker in foster care seem a little bit less "abnormal". I feel like I can relate to 95% of the emotions and feelings that she faces..such hard stuff. I do have one question though as I have been reading some Social Work blogs. What are the "rules" about what is okay to share and not share in relation to confidentiality? As a Social Worker I feel dumb having to ask this, but I am always scared to write down any of my experiences and feelings, even if it is more about my reactions to the situations than it is about the clients themselves. Thoughts?