Tuesday, January 19, 2010

365 Photo Challenge

I signed up for the 365 Photo Challenge today after hearing about it on Podcacher. I decided that I would take my/our camera with me every day and take a picture worthy of this challenge. (Here is the link to see my daily photos.) What a great day to start. We are in Albquerque at the Sandia Resort and this morning it snowed. The view was...... stunning. I wish the picture captured the view better, but I'm not Ansel so it is good enough. I had a great day with my parents visiting my brother David and his amazing family in Pojoaque, New Mexico. We drove up to Chimayo for a late lunch at Rancho de Chimayo and a visit to the famous Santuario do Chimayo.

Are you signed up to share your life's story via pictures like 365? If you are, will you share here? Please!


Hannah said...


I completed Photo 365+1 (it was leap year) for the year 2008. I knew that 2008 would be a year with many transitions/unknowns--choosing a grad school, tcu graduation, moving away from FTW, starting grad school, meeting new people, etc--so I thought it be the perfect year to take on the challenge. And it was definitely a challenge! I chose to take a picture that always included me--which I successfully did minus one day in the first week in which I was not in the picture. I was definitely tired of taking pictures by the end, but it was totally worth it. Also, I did frustrate many close friends that continuously fell victim to my last minute of the day snap shot. But, in the end, they all enjoy knowing that I documented a year of my life. Plus, it made for a great "random fact" during the millions of introductions in social work grad school classes. I encourage you to keep up the project. I am thinking of starting it again when I move to England--but we shall see. I think I will simple my photo 365 down to just taking a picture for the day and not making it include me every time. (Next, I need to create a book with all the 2008 pictures and captions).

Hope all is well!

Hannah Daugherty

Anonymous said...

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