Sunday, January 4, 2009

I just discovered several new websites about elearning, social bookmarking, and social networking and am very excited to learn more about these tools for teaching and learning.  The Learning Circuits Blog caught my attention today and the biq question for January 2009 "What are your challenges, plans, and predictions for 2009?  

My plans and goals for 2009 are to 
  • improve my teaching evaluation scores and gather feedback from several different sources to improve my teaching effectiveness (build my teaching portfolio)
  • integrate ideas about eLearning and use digital tools in assignments to engage my Millennial students in meaningful learning (dump old ways of teaching and old assignments!)
  • submit a literature review for publication on compassion fatigue and self-care in social work
  • submit a presentation at the NASW Texas Conference on compassion fatigue and self-care in social work
  • help a colleague publish results of her work with child sexual abuse treatment and pet-assisted therapy
  • work on a research project with my colleague at TCU on peer-supervision and elearning in field education
  • implement an online data collection process in field education that will be used for program evaluation as well as individual student evaluation
What are your goals and challenges for 2009?  

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