Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Proud Mom

Meet my son, 2LT Hill, US Army Infantry.  (His dimples are for real!)  Here are his top 25 statements on life.  I am inspired to do the same and hope you are as well!   

1.  I love to get lost in my imagination.  In fact imagination has almost completely replaced memory and patience in my brain.

2.  Calvin and Hobbes is the best comic ever.

3.  Nearly a tenth of the money I have earned and a tenth of my life has been spent upon a game called Warhammer 40k.  I don't care if chicks don't think its cool.  It balances me out.  And I will continue to spend money and time on it until I die.

4.  I have always had a dream of owning my own hobbystore/artgallery/pub.

5.  I don't travel anywhere without at least 3 novels.  And that is bare minimum in my family.

6.  For the first 16 years of my life I lived without TV in my house.  I was much happier then.

7.  An amazing day is always spent completely outdoors.

8.  Every US citizen should do at least two years of public service.

9.  Before I die I will complete high altitude free fall, achieve an avation license, and bungee jump off something ridulously tall.

10.  50% of Americans would sell their citizenship for a million dollars if they could.  I would still die to defend their right to give it up.

11.  Slowly I am becoming my parents.  I play golf, attempt to keep my house clean, am starting to eat healthier foods, and even have started to become a "pumpkin" during late nights.  thanks mom.

12.  I am a crazy sleeper.  In a given night I will switch positions 50 times, constantly flip the pillow for the "cold side," drool, and eventually spread out so that my body is limb to limb spread to every corner of the bed with most of the sheets on the floor.  

13. I am addicted to dental floss and Listerine.  The green original kind.  The tartar stuff is bs.

14.  My social, moral, religious, and aesthesthic mindsets were designed by two women.  My moter and my sister.  However, women have and will always be an enigma.

15.  Math is stupid.

16.  History is amazing.

17. My sister, my grandparents, my mom, and myself all have different last names.

18.  I have always wanted to live on a mountain next to a lake.

19.  In 6 months, I will live in Italy, hopefully on a mountain next to a lake.

20.  Nothing bugs me more than the way your teeth feel after eating spinach.

21.  People who sacrifice comfort for fashion in clothing deserve to be incredibly uncomfortable for the rest of their lives.

22.  People who sacrifice everything even for just one other person are beautiful.

23.  I grew up a Carolina fan. I have since fogive my mother for leading me down the path of ignorance.  I bleed red.  GO PACK!

24.  Raleigh, North Carolina will always be my home.  No matter where the Army sends me.

25.  My favorite color is green.

I'd love to  hear your reactions to this list and if you have a top 25, send them to me!  :) 

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