Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get the Word OUT! NASW on YouTube

Check this out!  Gary Bailey's testimony last year to Congress about social work is on YouTube.  He explains the important work done by social workers across the country and the world.  This is just another reason why I appreciate my membership in NASW!  We need to support the ongoing effort to "get the word out" about social work.  Gary Bailey is doing a great job!  (Here is a shout out to Dr Dietz and Professional Communication - note how Gary responds professionally to the mispronunciation of his name and title given by a member of Congress.)

Gary visited Texas Christian University last year for the Green Chair and met with social work students, faculty, and TCU leaders across campus.  He set a powerful example for us about our responsibilty to the profession (see the NASW Code of Ethics for more details).  We all need to follow Gary's example and have the skills and knowledge to "get the word out" about social work!  Tell me how you have followed Gary's example and told the story of social work!  

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