Friday, June 26, 2009

Professional Organizations

I signed up to follow the National Association of Social Workers on Twitter and Facebook a few months ago mostly out of curiosity to see how social networking would work in the professional world.

This morning, NASW posted this link to the Social Work Career Center with lots of excellent resources for such as examples of resumes and cover letters, how to prepare for an interview, social work salaries, and more. I will add this to my list of resources for seniors who are job hunting and for juniors who are applying for internships in social work agencies. It is also useful for those who are seeking to move up or find a new position. This is one example of why I value my membersh in NASW.

Another reason why I value my NASW membership is the opportunity to networ

My social Network on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter...Image by luc legay via Flickr

k with local social workers. Most of us stay busy in our agencies, trying to keep up with the never ending workload, and rarely have the opportunity to meet with colleagues at any level from local, state, national, or international. Because I am an active member of the Tarrant County unit, I have made important connections across the community that I would not have been able to make on my own. The richness and diversity of my professional network makes me more effective as a social worker.

There are just a few reasons why I value my NASW membership. I hope you are connected and active in professional organizations like NASW. Let me know what organizations you are member of and how that has contributed to your effectiveness in the field of social work.
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oregonamy1972 said...

My issue with joining NASW is the expense. I would love to join and be an active member...however the fees are just so I consider starting down the path to getting my LCSW and the need to spend around $10,000 over the next two years to's just an expense I cannot much as I would love to.

Leslie Ann Lovett, MSW, LCSW said...

That is the number one reason why social workers aren't involved in professional organizations. Its a shame since professionals like you have so much to both benefit from and contribute to a professional organization. Thank you for adding your thoughts!! Leslie